Do you compliment the men in your life?

Should we start catcalling them?

Joyce Muchiri


Photo by Marlon Schmeiski from Pexels

I am amazed by how many men claim that compliments in their lives are a rare occurrence. I doubt you will find a lady who would say that someone did not compliment them or at least said something good about her within a week.

Apart from the unwanted attention from idlers on the road catcalling, ladies tend to be easily complemented. I Believe it’s because society attributes the looks and the way a woman presents themselves as more important than those of a man.

I came across a funny story on Tiktok by vanove72935 about how he felt when a lady from his gym complimented him.

I’ve never had a pretty girl call me a cute nickname in Person like a babe or baby or whatever the fuck else girls call their boyfriends i wouldn’t know. Anyways I was just leaving the gym and there was a pretty girl working the counter as I was leaving she said bye have a Goodnight Sweetheart! I’m not one of those dudes who like confuses good customer service, like a girl being nice at her job with her flirting with me, I understand she was just being nice I totally get it but that didn’t stop me from falling in love with her, it didn’t. I almost teared up a little bit thinking about it. I’m going to think about her for a long time now. I almost gave her my number gave her my last name, anything she wanted she got, my social security number, my wallet, do I think she’s calling other people the same probably, probably, but i love her so much..

No doubt the story above was told for humor and fun, nevertheless, there is an underlying message. As usual, I had to go through the comments and was surprised to find that there were two vibes in this comment section. One was men…