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Eating that frog; a mental trick

What do you do when your mind keeps telling you that it’s too hard a task?

Joyce Muchiri
2 min readNov 1, 2021


Frustration is when you need to experience bungy jumping like you saw on that instagram video, but your mind keeps laying out all the possible scenarios that could go wrong.

Being terrified of doing something new is normal. In fact, it’s how you’re wired, it’s your minds’ job to keep you safe by avoiding all the ‘danger zones’.

This too shall pass

So how do you tackle that seemingly difficult task? In life, each of us has found ourselves in a difficult position at some point, but then we came out of it. That is the key! Remember that this too shall pass. How we approach tasks in life creates feelings and memories. Do you remember how you felt after studying and taking those tests? That off the shoulder feeling is very important, sometimes more than the results you get. Your mind screams I Did It! From that point on, that seemingly impossible task is no longer uncharted territory and this is how we became stronger mentally and beasts in our daily approach to life. Think about that feeling you will have after you’ve been courageous enough to get it over with.

Tomorrow is coming

Another thing to motivate you is remembering that Whether you take that leap or not, today will end and then it shall be tomorrow and the challenge and task will still be there.

Studies have shown that setting tasks that you do not complete, general procrastination negatively affects your mind. Personally, when I have a to-do list, I make sure that it’s detailed down to the time I should start and complete each task. This creates momentum and that feel good off making things happen. It’s motivation for tomorrow and for your mind as well.

Aiming to do better than yesterday

Challenge yourself to be better. Take a look at all the areas of your life and question what you need to do to be in a better position in say a month than you are today. No matter how small an improvement it will be, it’s a huge win for your mental health.

Take on that challenge you have been meaning to do for months, maybe years! Go on that trip, make that call, do something completely out of your comfort zone. Start small, and see the wonders of small wins.