Have you heard about the true doors story in the Netherlands?

A way of showing compassion to our elderly loved ones

Joyce Muchiri


Design secrets, a content creator brought this story to our attention.

A Nursing home in the Netherlands was having a problem. Residents who were suffering from dementia were having a hard time identifying their rooms because the front doors looked the same. The nursing home came up with a brilliant design solution. They went to each residence’s actual home, photographed their front door, turned it into a sticker, then applied it to their front door. This helped residents to identify their rooms more easily and it brought back memories which made them feel more at home. This has been copied by nursing homes across the world

I was a little emotional, as if cutting onions as I was reading the comment section of this inspiring story. So i thought i would share,i mean i can’t cry alone…!!!

@doomsdaughter:I wish my grandma could have had this when she was at a home with dementia. She hated it there. I’ve been convinced to this day that she wasn’t as bad