Heart attack, labor or Period cramps?

Guess which one is most painful

Joyce Muchiri


Photo by cottonbro from Pexels

I am as surprised as you are. Doctors have concluded that period cramps are just as painful, if not worse than heart attacks. Now I’ll challenge you to a fist fight if you don’t agree that God is a woman. All jokes aside, women have been living with menstrual cramps since time in memorial and we take it with stride. We go to work, school, do our errands and all this time we are dealing with the pain. You do it for long enough and the mood swings are controlled too, not counting when we complain, we’re being dramatic…or better yet, we are not allowed to express our feelings dramatically lest we’re asked, are you on your period or something? So disrespectful! especially by asshole coworkers!

Check out the comment section on this topic, worth the read!

@genxhippie: Heart attack for days, every damn month.

@amarareyal: I be contemplating rippin that thing out so often

@stregaombra: When they told me they needed to take my uterus when I was 33 years old I fucking cried with Joy

@lylagar: I remember crying in pain Not wanting to go to school and my mother simply saying get up!!!! This is part of being a girl…Life is cruel 🥺

@kelsey_jo_87: I’m always amused when my hubby is like “oh the cramps must not be that bad this month” NO DEAR I’VE JUST LEARNED HOW TO FUNCTION THROUGH THEM!!

@funtimeswithkim: Remember the eggs literally BURST through their follicle to get to the uterus. Sometimes it’s so strong we can feel the rupture happen

@cannakarla: My actual heart attack was less painful than some cramping I experienced! How about that!

@nursemegrn: As a cardiac nurse, most women do not realize it’s a heart attack because periods hurt worse!

@melodypentland: Believe her when she says she’s tired. Believe her when she says she’s in pain. Believe her when she says she needs a break. Believe her.

@k.kmomma: I didn’t know I was in labor because the contractions were less painful than period cramps 🤷🏻‍♀️