How do you put your bra on?

Are you normal, extraordinary or just gifted?

Joyce Muchiri


Photo by Castorly Stock from Pexels

Apparently there are three ways in which you can put your bra on;

  1. Putting the bra on your waist, clip it twist it then flip it
  2. Putting the bra on frontways then clip it at the back. (How do your hands get back there?)
  3. Clipping the bra then putting it over your head like a top!

Now this is a very serious debate. Can those who do number two explain yourselves? Evejekismua, a content creator, stated this debate. She wants each of us to defend our bra putting ways!

Let’s take a look at some of the comments shall we?

@marinannasauce:I clip it and then step into like a pair of trousers 😭😭

@samd1155:Number 2 didn’t realize people wasted so much energy doing it the first way! 😳

@emmajane1961:Number 1. I thought this was the only way people did it 😳

@cloudieskys45:Honestly thought only old people did the first one because they can’t stretch their arms 😭

@kimberly.evans2020:Uh yeah u just put the girls in and clip it in the back… the other way is too many steps and they could get squished 😂

@charitymaina02:number 2 in front of a new boyfriend, after we used to each other I get normal😅

@zhanadarte2: It’s all about the feels. My hands “see” 🤓

@pury355:Am all the above😂 depending on how energized I am in the morning

@onlylizards:I just leave it snapped and put it on like a shirt every day

@annaelizabeth3434:You explain how I’m supposed to put a racer back or sports bra around my waist and flip it up over DD’s. It’s not possible.

How about you? Care to share 😂? As for the men out there, which methods have you witnessed? I would love to read your comments. Drop them below..