My life in Kenya’s little Italy

Malindi, the Italy of Africa

Joyce Muchiri


A Beach In Malindi Ernest Paul Pexels

There comes a time in life when you feel that you just want a break…need a break, even if it’s from something as trivial as cold weather!

Being from Central Kenya, the slopes of Mount Kenya, I felt the need to complain about the dull days that the sun showed up only a few hours a day. Mt. Kenya is known to have snow caps at night but gone come sunrise. It’s always cold during the night and this pattern affects the surrounding areas.

Mt Kenya as evening approaches

Life here is relaxed, it’s quite common to find people sitting around a fire, enjoying roasted maize with tea. Having worked in Nairobi, the capital, for several years, this sedentary lifestyle was welcome, until it wasn’t.

In developed countries, the majority of homes have some kind of heating system. Speaking for rural Kenya, that kind of a home would be a showroom! Typically, the kitchens are built apart from the rest of the house as well! when everybody’s had enough roasted maize, we prepare to meet the cold sheets and apply petroleum jelly on our faces or else!