When you’re in no mood for company

Joyce Muchiri


@pinkilywinkily:Noah channeling a bear rug 🤭

@munequita.pao:Noah: what do you want? Can’t you see I’m meditating 😌

@jessrenee78:He is a whole mood😂😂😂😂

@tina_bo_beana_banana:Everybody’s just gonna ignore Noah’s little teepee? 🥰😂

@bevdj81:Actual footage of me anytime I am mildly inconvenienced.😏

@noahtheyorkie:He just lives a verryyy comfortable life🥰

@kmichellec4:Noah is like “Yes I can”. A whole mood right here. He’s adorable.

@dcfootdoctor:Noah clocked out a while ago. Check back tomorrow.

@aleigh73:Definitely my soul animal 😂

@amazaofficial:😂Noah it’s tired of Humans 😅

@tiffj53:he chillingreply @noahtheyorkie:For sure 😂

@mimi03051:Oh Noah why you pretending your sleeping ?????? Lol are you trying to get out of your chores lmso 😅

@frankiebee2:your dog is broken 😏

@user6151895708850:This is just how I feel today. 🥺

@joswar1983:maybe he wants to start a new sleep TikTok to help people sleep 🤣🤣🤣 or he’s practicing to play a dead dog in a movie or commercial lol 😂😂😂

@nancybrand25:Noah did, I am done today, step over me….

@user17906032:Sorry Dad, I am dead for now

@bubbabruddah:I think he’s going to do it until you learn to stop bothering him…repitition training YOU

@kish2003:My mans just contemplating life 😩😩

@hickeyrbh:I would have started CPR…😅

@srjavery:Noah is out 😂😂😂