What do neuroscience, buddhism, taoism and stoicism have in common?

How can we get peace when our life has so many problems?

Joyce Muchiri


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This is a quote by Camero Rosin about pleasure and our way of life.

What do neuroscience, buddhism, taoism and stoicism have in common? They all figured out that pleasure is not happiness. Buddhism says that what keeps us suffering is the constant seeking of pleasure and from a neurobiological perspective this is true. What pleasure is, is dopamine and all dopamine wants is more dopamine. It is the molecule of more, it is never content.

Dopamine is the primary driver behind all of addiction and so from a neuro biological perspective, seeking pleasure ends up not being about the pleasure itself, but more about alleviating the suffering and pain that exists in pleasures absence. So what do we do about that?

We need to retrain our brain, ourselves to crave peace over pleasure to find joy within challenge and to find happiness within the process. The process of being alive

You have to agree that quote is powerful! Being alive has became more about routine and survival than enjoying the process of living, health, nature, connections and relationships.

So what do you guys have to say, let’s sample some comments

@lilanoe12321:👏👏👏 We just need to train ourselves to crave peace over pleasure, find joy in challenge and enjoy the process (of being alive) 👏👏👏

@tayloralexeev:if ur always chasing a dopamine high (anything that’s “pleasurable”) u can’t live in the present. the only present would be during the highs. which are short lived and fleeting. leads to an Abstinence living. Very much love this!!

@violetlexyy:Beautifully said what I started doing lately is taking things slow and be kind to myself this brought me peace

@mr.majani:People start talking like this once they make a whole lot of money

@cameronrosin reply:Yeah cause Buddhist monks are cashed up? If the people with money spoke like this the world would be a better place