Why are Americans sooo Loud?

Joyce Muchiri
2 min readSep 10, 2023

Ever been on vacation where you have no idea who anybody else is or is from…and then an American…unmistakably loud. No filter especially.

Some charming interesting theories

I feel like American culture is more individualistic and you’re taught to ‘stand out’ whereas in a lot of European cultures you have to ‘fit in’

I am so tired of this stereotype plenty of cultures are considered “loud” by western Europe standards, have you been to Latin America? Loud non stop we need to stop making Western Europe the standard for politeness. And also, we tend to head our own language/accent in a crowd MUCH easier than others no matter how loud they are.

……..Reply: well… As a western european, I would prefer you to follow what’s considered as politeness here? because I get a headache after too much noises

💀My American colleague is so loud that it attracts other Americans whenever we are out on public 😂😂

I think most Americans grew up in houses while we grew up with flimsy walls having to shush ourselves at 10pm

I heard a theory that in school you are taught to “speak up” and stand out, be smarter, better and louder to be notice

🪴My theory is that the accent is generally less monotone so it sticks out among the more monotone accents

I live in Brussels, yesterday i was at a bistrô, there was an American guy talking to his friend, i saw everyone that sat by his side move 5mins later

Also maybe architecture? A lot of European cities have buildings on narrower streets so less time for the sound to bounce back and to be heard?

Come to Spain, Americans are whispering compared to the Spanish 😂😂😂

Whenever people come to visit me and I take them out I’m like 😳😳😳😳

😂, what’s your theory?

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